Former political prisoner Paliyenka suspected of extremism

Zmicier Paliyenka/ Screenshot from video

Two administrative cases have been made against former political prisoner Zmicier Paliyenka, Belsat TV reports. 

The young man was detained on the before the New Year’s eve. One of the charges is the distribution of extremist materials on the Internet. "This material is the reason why they have made an administrative case for the distribution of extremist materials. However, that Facebook page is not mine and I do know to whom it belongs. I have my own Facebook account – here it is. I have no idea who is the owner of that page," Paliyenka said.

The messages in English insulting the police can be found on the page mentioned in the administrative case. 

The second charge is disobedience to the police. The young man does not want to attend preventive lectures at the police office after his release. He was already fined BYN 980 ($460) for this viloation.

In the view of rights defender Aleh Vouchak, the police are threatening activists ahead of the elections. Both the presidential and parliamentary campaigns are expected to take place in Belarus in 2019/20.