Alyaksei Doubash: Special services paid attention to me after trip to Turkey

Аляксей Доўбаш распавёў, што спецслужбы ім зацікавіліся пасля паездкі ў Турцыю

A full interview with the Belarusian whom Russian mass media suspected of being connected with the terrorists acts in Brussels (the information was not confirmed) has been shown on Belarus 1. It was recorded in Homel. Doubash arrived there from Belgium a day before the blasts. The short variant of the interview was shown on March 23.

The social services got interested in him after his visit to Turkey, Alyaksei Doubash said. He refuted the information about looking for a job there. The Belarusian went to Turkey to spend vacations there. He wanted to stay there for 2 weeks but he liked it very much. “I stayed there for a month because I wanted to stay a bit longer in Turkey,” Doubash said.

Everyone who comes to Turkey from Europe has been monitored by the police since the beginning of the war in Syria. He was simply asked about the goal of is visit. Alyaksei Doubash did not specify what country’s special services had been interested in his visit to Turkey.