Terrorist attacks in Brussels

If it is introduced by the EU, Belarus Aviation Department will also consider it.
A full interview with the Belarusian suspected of being connected with the blasts in Brussels has been shown on Belarus 1.
Belarus citizen living in Belgium wants security services to confirm he has nothing to do with the terror attacks in Brussels.
The Belarusian Embassy has already contacted them. They got light injuries and have already been discharged from hospital.
There are no Belarus nationals on the list of Brussels attack victims, according to Belgian MFA's anti-crisis center.
KGB says one of the Doubash brothers, alleged by Russian media outlets to execute the Brussels attacks, was in Belarus yesterday.
President Lukashenka expressed condolences to King Philippe of Belgium, the people of Belgium and relatives of terror victims.
Belarus border guards will enhance security checks at the entry posts in the light of terror attacks in the Belgian capital.
The Belarus-born brothers living in Belgium comment to Euroradio on reports about their connection to terror attacks in Brussels.