Alyaksandr Lukashenka: My son controls Operative Analytical Centre

"They are reproaching me because my son wants to become Present and it is close to the truth,” quotes the Belarusian President. But ask me whether I want it. No, I don’t. You can’t imagine what this presidency is for my family. I want my children to live in pace, I don’t want anyone to throw stones at us.”

Alyaksandr Lukashenka explained the part his son Victar played in running the state:

"My elder son is my assistant. He is a reliable person and he is not creating obstacles to anyone. He is my additional source of information. He comes and tells his father what he thinks is necessary.

Who controls the special services in Ukraine? And in Russia? The President? How? There are a lot of problems. We have the President’s Operative Analytical Centre in Belarus, there are less then 100 employees in the centre. My elder son controls it. He also controls the security services top according to the law. My son supports me because he knows that he is under control and judges know that they are under control too. If the head is not rotten, the tail will keep spinning.”

Photo: social networks