Activist of entrepreneur movement Victar Chaikouski to be buried today

The death of the Deputy Chairman of the Republican Public Association "Perspective" shocked his relatives and friends.

Chairman of the "Perspective" Anatol Shumchanka has said the following to Euroradio:

"He was a good and cheerful man, he always told what he really thought. He did his best to defend the entrepreneurs' interests. He came to visit us in Minsk, participated in the protest actions, always at the front. He always told the truth and that incensed the authorities. He was a very serious pain in the neck for the local authorities in his region." 

Parting with Victar Chaikouski will take place on Thursday, June 20, at 1 p.m. in Brest, Cosmonauts Boulevard, 99 - Mr. Chaikouski lived there with his mother.

Heart failure is claimed to be the official reason for Victar Chaikouski's death. His allies demand that the circumstances of his sudden death should be checked.

Photo - Brest Courier