Anatol Shumchanka

He is in Minsk Maskouski District Department of the Interior. The reason for the detention is unknown.
Authorities in Minsk forbid local hotels to let conference venues for the forum of entrepreneurs, Perspektyva's leader says.
Entrepreneurs' leader Anatol Shumchanka says United Civil Party seeks to disrupt the entrepreneurs’ protest.
Entrepreneurs seek a permit to march from the Academy of Sciences to Bangalore Square and hold a protest.
The public association of self-employed entrepreneurs Perspektyva was refused venue for another forum.P
He is asking the President to impose a moratorium on decrees #222 and #48.
It was a spontaneous strike. Entrepreneurs are protesting against mass inspections by tax services.

The head of state decides to meet entrepreneurs on 'their' territory once again ten years after the first meeting.

Chairman of the public association of entrepreneurs Perspektyva warns that raising taxes for entrepreneurs will affect prices.