UCP applies for march together with entrepreneurs

The United Civil Party has applied for the Social March for Adequate Life. The party is planning to organize it in Minsk on March 14.


The venue and time coincide with the entrepreneurs’ protest action appointed for March 14, UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka said.

Ex-political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich and leader of Perspectiva Anatol Shumchanka applied for the entrepreneurs march last week. They are planning to walk from the Academy of Sciences along Surhanava and Arlouskaya Streets towards the Park of Peoples’ Friendship from 13 p.m. until 16 p.m.

UCP is not planning to organize a meeting in Bangalore Square, Lyabedzka said. Two marches at the same spot should consolidate the society, the opposition politician explained.

However, Lyabedzka has not suggested uniting the two actions to them, Shumchanka and Statkevich said. “Perspectiva has aroused the wave that has led to the discussion of decree #222 and ‘it does not need ‘passengers’ on this train’”, the leader of entrepreneurs claimed.

UCP is trying to disrupt the entrepreneurs’ march, Shumchanka thinks. Minsk City Executive Committee officials may forbid one of the actions because their time and venue coincide, he believes.

Entrepreneurs are preparing the march for economic reasons. It has noting to do with politics, Shumchanka stressed. The action is supposed to draw the President’s attention to the necessity of solving entrepreneurs’ problems as soon as possible because they cannot do business legally due to decree #222.