Shumchanka: Authorities fear vendors in huge numbers in central Minsk

Шумчанка: Улады пабаяліся вялікай колькасці прадпрымальнікаў у цэнтры Мінска

Perspektyva, a non-governmental association of self-employed entrepreneurs, was refused the premises for the next forum. The venue rental contract to hold the event at the premises of Economy Mnistry was signed and paid on January 16a. But three days later, the owner of the venue (the Office of the President) called to say rental was cancelled because a VIP event was to take place.

“Naturally, the reason is that they learned why we wanted to rent the venue for,"  says Perspektyva leader Anatol Shumchanka.  "They feared to give us a venue in government buildngs in the center of the city.”

Perspektyva used to hold their meetings at Hotel Belarus but the venue was not spacy enough to accommodate over 1000 entrepreneurs on January 11. The hotel managers says they are ready to offer a venue on condition that not more than 250 people will participate.

Anatol Shumchanka does not plan to postpone the next forum of entrepreneurs and continues looking for a venue.