4K of medical staff to lose jobs in private sector

Каля 3-4 тысяч чалавек медперсаналу могуць звольніць з прыватных медцэнтраў

According to Alyaksandr Lukashenka's Decree 475, private medical centers will no longer be able to hire physicians, nurses and medical staff, who do not have the first or highest category. According to research by the Kunyavski Association of Dental organizations at the Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, about 3-4 thousand doctors in Belarus may be left without work. Euroradio learned it from the director of the Business Union Zhanna Tarasevich:

"We did a study of 75 organizations and translated these figures into the total number of private sector organizations. It turns out that they'll have to lay off 25% of doctors, 38% - nurses. Around 3-4 thousand people will have to lose work, if you consider all the medical staff."

The Ministry of Health promised to allow time to pass exams for the medical category until June 1. Most changes in legislation will affect young doctors who cannot earn money from private owners. It turns out that after the university, the fresh graduates will have to stay in one place for 5-7 years. This period is usually needed to get the first or highest medical category.