250 women in white clothes stage protest in central Minsk

Women in white protesting near Minsk's main market halls Kamarouka / Euroradio

Around 250 women dressed in white clothes and holding flowers have gathered near the Kamarouski Market in central Minsk. This way they are protesting against the violence by law enforcement officials and showing solidarity with the injured peaceful demonstrators.

The protesters stressed that they came with open hands, just like other peaceful protesters these days. Passing cars were greeting the participants of the flash mob.

Policemen were asking the women to disperse.

The women laid flowers on the pavement and started leaving with hands behind their heads. A van with riot policemen drove to a small group of women who stayed near Kamarouka but remained in the vehicle.

Women in white protesting near Kamarouka / Euroradio
Women in white protesting near Kamarouka / Euroradio

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