11 Belarusian and 4 foreign clubs to take part in Belarusian open hockey championship

11 Belarusian, 1 Ukrainian and 3 Latvian clubs will take part in the new extra-league season of the Belarusian open hockey championship. The decision has been taken at a meeting of the executive committee of the Belarusian Hockey Federation today.
“Yunatstva”, “Keramin”, “Homel”, “Metalurh”, “Himvalakno”, “Vitsebsk”, “Neman”, “Himik-SKA”, “Shynnik”, “Brest” and “Shahtsyor” will represent our country. Latvia will be represented by “Metallurgs”, “Riga-2000” and the farm-club of Riga “Dinamo” playing in the CHL.

Ukraine will send Kiev “Sokol” to the general tournament. The club has returned to the Belarusian extra-league after a two-year break.

According to the preliminary project, all participants will play with each other in 4 rounds and the best 8 teams will continue competing in the play-off system.