1 out of 13 oppositionists included in Brest election committees

Only 1 out of 13 representatives of the Belarusian party of the left Fair World has been included in divisional election committees in Brest, BelaPAN refers to head of the party’s city affiliate Lyudmila Dzenisenka.

All the three party members were refused membership in election committees in Lenin District and 9 out of 10 party members were refused it in Maskouski District. Fair World also sent one activist to the province election committee and two party members – to territorial election committees. All of them have been refused.

"The government does not want to see representatives of opposition parties in election committees,” Lyudmila Dzenisenka said. The party members will focus on election observation in such conditions, she noted.

The creation of divisional election committees was finished on Wednesday, August 26. Information about their members is expected to appear today.  It was reported that there were only 500 oppositionists among 77 thousand people included in election committees.

Photo: ByMedia.net