Will phosphorous cloud bypass Belarus? - Belarusian hydremeteorological centre

The phosphorous cloud that appeared after the accident in Lvov District is going to bypass Belarus. The head of the weather forecasts department of the Republican hydremeteorological centre of Belarus Lyudmila Parashchuk informed about it.

According to her, “there is slow movement of air masses from the west to the east in the 3-kilometre layer of air accumulated over the border zone of Ukraine and Belarus”.

In her interview with “Interfax” Ms. Parashchuk claimed that “the movement of the air shows that the cloud is moving to the east of Ukraine and will bypass Belarus”.

Let us remind you that Belarusian officials and specialists claimed that the cloud would not be able to move further than 70 kilometers away. No one talks about it anymore.

By the way, information about the poisonous cloud moving towards the Ukrainian capital has appeared in Ukrainian mass media today.