Who has stolen the idea of a video for Kaldun from Placebo? (video)

Belarusian TV Channels are broadcasting “a new video” of Dmitry Kaldun’s song “I am for you”. The video resembles a clip WITHOUT YOU I'M NOTHING by Placebo that was shot in 1998. ERB has found out that it was part of a new Russian musical film and that Kaldun did not know who had decided to remake part of the film into a video.

We suggest that you compare Kaldun’s “video” and Placebo’s clip yourselves.

Dzmіtry Kaldun expressed his surprise about his new video in an interview with ERB:

Kaldun: It is not a clip, it is part of the film. I do not know in what way it was created and I do not understand why you are asking me such questions instead of Huseu who shot it all and wrote the scenario. The film was shot for the First TV Channel and its title is “Beauty demands”. It was shown on March 8. The video was made for my song but it can become a clip only if they “take it out” from there.

ERB: However, as far as I understand, you are not going “to take it out” from there, are you?

Kaldun: I’m not, it is part of the film.

Let us remind you that Dzmitry Kalfun is still accused of plagiarism of Aerosmith’s “Jaded” because of his video of the song Work You Magic.