In pictures: Tattoos of Belarusian musicians

In the musical sphere, it's not only rockers who adore tattoos. Pop musicians also often visit the tattoo master Ales Tabolich, the frontman of the band Znich. He works in one of Minsk tattoo salons. However, the attitude to tattoos is different - it is an ordinary decoration for the pop musicians and reflection of some life meaning for the rockers.

For example, the "pop rocker" Dzyadzya Vanya designed a draft of a guitar, covering his whole arm, with his logo "DV". Leader of the band Pomidor/OFF Alyaksandr Pamidorau now tattoos the flags of the countries that deserve attention, in his opinion, on his arm. Singer Rusia (Shuma, Akana NHS) has made the Belarusian ornamental tattoo of the three symbols: the Sun, the ancestors and strong family.

"I think that when a person has a deep approach to a tattoo, they have the same deep approach to what they create, - contemplates Ales Tabolich, who made identical ornamental tattoos with his wife, depicting the Sun God, the day before their wedding. - And when they make a cat on their stomach, like singer Alesya, and hundreds of Belarusian girls have such cats, I think this Alesya is also like that." 


Tabolich and his wife

Dzyadzya Vanya


Tabolich works not only with musicians, but many of them come to make a tattoo specially to him. Ksyusha Sitnik once came, wanting to make an infinity sign, but she was only 17 and Tabolich sent her away to get her parents. The winner of the children's Eurovision never came back again. Yura Dzemidovich wanted his ear pierced, but he also came without his mother. Ales showed him how to make permanent make-up, Yura ran away.

"Once a crowd of BATE footballers came, - smiles Ales Tabolich. - In the end, several people made tattoos, but the goalkeeper surprised me the most. He wanted something like "Hutar + Masha". I asked him who that Masha was, was she his wife or not. It turned out Masha was his girlfriend. So I asked "What would you do if you have another girlfriend someday?" He scratched his head and decided not to tattoo anything at all." 

Not only the showbiz stars are into tattoos. Artist Ales Pushkin has become the first who made a Belarusian national tattoo. Human rights defender Ales Byalyatski followed him, having made a tattoo basing on national writer Uladzimir Karatkevich's works.

Ales Pushkin's designs

Being a rocker doesn't mean the necessity to make a tattoo. Leaders of the bands Krama and Palace Ihar Varashkevich and Aleh Khamenka feel perfectly well without tattoos. Lyavon Volski says he could have made a tattoo, but there was no time for this!

"It takes time, a pattern etc... Moreover, I din't feel the urge, - smiles the leader of Krambambulya. - And now, when everyone has tattoos, maybe it's even good that I don't have any!"

Syarhei Mikhalok is a tattoo champion among the Belarusian rockers. The last tattoo of the Lyapis Trubetskoy leader made a great fuss on the internet - a sign "Not to Be a Beast".

Syarhei Mikhalok

Alyaksandr Pamidorau

Yan Maksimovich (Yellow Brick Road)


Photo:,,,,, Ales Tabolich archive