West is completely passive - Latushka on Russian nukes

Захад праяўляе тут абсалютную пасіўнасць — Латушка пра заяву Пуціна

The head of the People's Anti-Crisis Management, deputy head of the Joint Transitional Cabinet Pavel Latushka has commented on Vladimir Putin's statement that the first Russian nuclear charges have already been delivered to Belarus.

"Unfortunately, the West is silent... The West, which is our ally, is showing absolute passivity here," Latushka said. " They don't understand that the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus actually endangers the existence of our state, an independent state."

On June 16, Putin announced that work on the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus would be completed by the end of the year: "By the end of the year, we will have fully completed this work. Pavel Latushka emphasizes that the Russian president's statement shows the current status of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. According to him, the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus "is in fact a complete surrender of our sovereignty. It is also a threat to Belarus, because Putin can use nuclear weapons without even mentioning that "there are Belarusians living in Belarus".

Latushka calls for the adoption of the "harshest" sanctions against Lukashenka's regime and "ensuring" its liquidation "by all available means" and demands a complete withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus. 

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