Washington shooter was Navy reservist

Alexis was a Navi reservist and worked for an IT company, BBC reports.

A shooting at a high-security naval facility in Washington, D.C. left 12 people dead on September 16. All of them were civilians. The shooting started in the dining room guarded 24 hours a day.

It is not clear how Alexis managed to enter the guarded facility with a weapon. His motives are being investigated. Alexis was a Navi civilian contractor and has an ID card which granted him access to the territory.

There could be two shooters, the American authorities believe. The police are looking for the other suspect.

President Obama has ordered to lower the national flags in the White House and Capitol in memory of the victims of the massacre.

The police used to be looking for two people in the Navi uniform earlier. However, they announced having only one suspect later. He is a black male aged 40-50. He was wearing camouflage and had a rifle, witnesses said.

Photo: FBI