Vox Populi: Should Bakiyev stay in Belarus?

"Belarus will reject an extradition request. Bakiyev is under protection of the Belarusian state and the president", Lukashenka was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency Ria-Novosti.
But the ousted president Bakiyev is charged with massacre, after over 80 people were killed by snipers on the streets of Bishkek during the uprising. 
Karmanbek Bakiyev could also possibly face charges of corruption, poligamy and even the possession of Red Book animals. 
The European Radio for Belarus polled people on the streets of Minsk. It turned out that many disagree with the position of Lukashenka. 
Yury: "He will put himself into an embarrassing situation. First, he brought him (Bakayev) here, what now? Naturally, he will do anything not to extradite. He will again put Belarus into a foolish position".
Tatsiana: "Belarus should have not interefered. Actually, we should extradite him. What do we need him here for?"
The interim government of Kyrgyzstan requested Minsk to extradite Bakiyev. At least a half of the polled Minskers back an unconditional extradition of the former Kyrgyz leader. 
Andrei: "If the facts are proved, he should be extradited. All the presidents of whatever countries should be sent back home after resignation and tried in court. If not here, then in the Hagues"
Yury: "If Belarus positions itself as a European nation and signed all the international extradition agreements, Bakiyev should be sent home".
Young man Stanislau reckons that Belarus must extradite Bakiyev. 
Stanislau: "Yes, it must, because the man should be held responsible for any crime"
An old man agrees: " He must be held responsible, he is to blame. This is a general rule. There is a law, and everything should be according to the law.
Some reckon we should not hurry with extradition. 
Yury: "If he is guilty, he should be extradited. As far as I know, Bakiyev is applying to the International Court. Let's see what to do after its ruling".
According to reports, as of April 23 Bakiyev was staying in a diplomatic compound near Minsk. 
Photo: Bymedia