Volha Krapotsina fined for Br4.5 million

Hrodna Lenin District Court returned Volha Krapotsina guilty of illegal production and distribution of printed editions on November 18. The girl was fined for Br4.5 million (30 base amounts), the human rights website Viasna reports.

Hrodna inhabitants Uladzimir Harelau was the witness in court. He detained the girl and handed her over to the police on September 19. He explained his deed by respect for the district police officer who had asked him to help find people distributing ‘subversive’ leaflets.

Krapotsina pled not guilty. The Constitution guarantees every Belarusian citizen the right to distribute information. The Ministry of Information conducted an expertise and announced that the leaflets were ‘a mass political nonperiodic edition’.

The police detained Volha Krapotsina in the centre if Hrodna and confiscated 17 leaflets in support of Ukraine from her on September 19.

Photo: spring96.org