No military draft for young father Vital Karatysh after media frenzy

Пасля публікацый у СМІ Віталя Каратыша вырашылі не прызываць на ваенныя зборы

However, thanks to articles in mass media, Luninets District inhabitant Vital Karatysh will not be drafted. He has been told to bring his call-up appears back, he wrote on Facebook. The military commissariat would not even discuss any deferment before the publications despite the fact that Karatysh had 1.5-months-old daughter.  Karatysh, a reserve sergeant, did not mind taking part in a military exercise but he wanted to do it a few months later because he needed to help his wife.


Having a baby is not a good reason for a deferment, the military commissariat replied at first. They just wanted ‘to neutralize’ him before the parliamentary election, Vital Karatysh thought. He took part in parliamentary election campaigns in the past. However, ‘numerous articles in mass media have helped and someone has given a different order’, Karatysh believes.