Utility charges to grow 10% in September

As Igar Famin, director of the Privacy Policy Department of the Ministry of Economy, noted, in September utility charges will grow by 9.8%.

"Only the so-called subsidized rates will be indexed: for the services that are still  not fully covered by the population. In particular, in some regions pay for garbage collection will not be increased," Famin was quoted by tut.by

After the indexation the electricity tariff in apartments with gas stoves will increase by 73 rubles, in homes with electric stoves the price of every kilowatt will go up 63 rubles. Also in September gas will become 9.8% more expensive. The water will rise in price by almost 100 rubles, the sewer price increase will be 65 rubles. Maintenance fees, charges for major repairs and lift charges will also go up. 

On January 1, 2014 a Decree 550 came into force. It defines an algorithm of utility prices increase during the year. Thus on January 1 tariffs will overall increase by 5 dollars in the BYR equivalent, and then will be revised each quarter adjusted for the grrowth of the national average wage.