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Anarchists protest against a permanent increase in utilities costs and call to boycott the bills.
The decision has been made by the Council of the Republic.
Euroradio exclusive VIDEO: Belarus' Housing Minister is too shy to answer questions about the raised utilities bills.
The Council of Ministers fired Deputy Minister of Housing Anatol Shahun, the National Legal Internet Portal reports.
To turn off freight lifts in a 20-storey block of flats, people need to send an application to the control centre.
Communal services have increased the number of repair works to be paid for by residents themselves.
Belarus has raised retirement age and liberalized utilities prices, president's aide on economy Kiryl Rudy tells Voice of America.
Ten more days will be given to pay the recalculated utilities bills for January.
President Lukashenka approves the new lower utility rates but is yet to sign an edict.