Brest communal services turn off lifts to save money

У брэсцкіх 20-павярховіках камунальнікі адключылі ліфты — для эканоміі

The inhabitants of two 20-storey blocks of flats in Brest have encountered a problem – their lifts have been switched off, Belsat reports. There are three lifts in each block of flats – two small ones and a freight lift. The freight lift has been switched off by the communal services.

Wheelchair-bound people and those who have small children are suffering now. A baby pram can only fit into one of the two remaining lifts and you have to wait for it for a long time because the medium lift can only be used after the smallest one arrives.

There is a wheelchair-bound man living on the ninth floor in on one of the blocks of flats. His wheelchair can only fit into the freight lift.


Nobody asked people for their opinion before switching off the lifts. To turn it on, it is necessary to send an application to the control centre in advance. The Communal services won’t comment on the decision and are asking for a written inquiry.