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Belarus minister runs from reporters after questions on utilities bills - video


Belarus' Housing Minister Aliaksandr Tserakhau was not ready to answer the questions from the press on whether utilities tariffs would be raised further and how much of the bill households cover. The unexpected dialogue between the minister and journalists took place in the House of the Government's lobby where the final session of the outgoing 5th Parliament took place on October 6.

Zmicier Lukashuk, Euroradio: It is yet to be known if the utilities tariffs are to be changed next year..

Aliksandr Tserakhau, Housing Minister: I am not authorized to answer these questions.

Euroradio: What is the percentage of utilities covered by households at the moment?

Minister: (shrugging)… I do not have information on this.

Euroradio: Please, tell us if you have refused from the plans to have households pay 100% for utiltities in 2018?

Minister: … (walks away).