Curiosities in Belarus

The wedding of dog trainers in Baranavichy /

They had special costumes made for the celebration.

Belarusian ‘brand’ socks 

The Belarusian company LSTR rolls out socks with a detainees vehicle print inspired by Lukashenka's press secretary.

"Masha, come here, baby. Sit here. Let’s see how you look as the Kupalauskaye manager."

Photo: Reuters

Female soldiers have taken part in the July 3 march for the first time ever.

Photo: Euroradio

The observers had to call the police to be released.

Photo: the President’s press service

Alyaksei Paulouksi has called his project “Barge Haulers on a Community Work Day”.

Photo: АР

The Belarus president was described as the president of Bosnia in the Russian version of The Hitman's Bodyguard movie.

Photo: Valery Isayeu’s Facebook

Football agent Valery Isayeu has uploaded the photo on Facebook.


A furniture company in Belarus produces bicycles hand-made of birch and ash tree.