Uladzimir Yaromenak under a non-leave obligation since today

The youngster is accused of breaking the rules of the preventive police control. According to Uladzimir Yaromenak, Radio Liberty reports, the case contains different documents, including the charges made by policemen that reflect breaking of the police control rules that Yaromenak does not admit. He says that only two violations have been considered such by the court, all the rest are just cases that the police think are violations.

The youngster filed appeals against the case, together with his lawyer. Nevertheless, the investigator made him sign a non-leave obligation, although, Yaromenak says, there's no practical sense in this as, according to the rules of the preventive police control, he cannot go anywhere withot the police's permit anyway.


In 2011, Yaromenak was imprisoned for taking part in protests after the presidential election on December 19, 2010. He was pardoned and released in late summer of 2011. Minsk's Pershamaiski district court sentenced him to a year of the preventive police control, and then the term was prolonged for anther half a year.

The activist was detained many times for participation in the actions of solidarity with political prisoners.