UDF urges EU not to invite Lukashenka to Prague

The Political Council of the United Pro-Democracy Forces (UDF) has called on the European Union to refuse from inviting Alexander Lukashenka to the EU Summit on May 7 in Prague. On March 17, on a visit to the Vitsebsk region, Lukashenka described the opposition as "fifth column", "people's enemies" who "are today ready to sell themselves to anyone who twists Lukashenka's head in order to get into the seat and ruin the country".

Anatol Lyabedzka, the chairman of the United Civic Party, told the European Radio for Belarus that UDF's appeal would not be sent to the European organizations. It will only be disseminated through the Belarusian media.

Meanwhile, Council of the EU's meeting opened on March 19 in Brussels. The Belapan news agency reports that the heads of EU member states are to discuss among other issues the participation of Belarus in the Eastern Partnership program and the EU summit on May 7 in Prague.