UDF coalition to deal with social problems first

Brest regional coalition of the UDF will focus on solving problems this year. Democrats claimed it at a conference in Brest on March 28.

About 50 activists of the Social-Democratic Party (Hramada), Belarusian Communist Party, United Civil Party, BNF Party and movement “For Freedom” took part in it.

In particular, the regional democratic forces are going to: gain control over the activities of the communal services and their duties; insist on looking for additional sources to introduce a 50% fare discount for children, students, pensioners and the handicapped; struggle for reducing taxes for small and medium-scale business; retraining of specialists fired from enterprises at the expense of the employer and increasing the dole to 50% of the living wage.

They are going to consolidate efforts in the civil and political fields to help develop the civil community; realise the citizens’ right to get information about the authorities’ activities; and change the Election Code.