UCP activist Uladzimir Nyapomnyashchyh beaten by Homel riot police

У Гомелі амапаўцы збілі актывіста АГП Уладзіміра Няпомняшчых

Homel atavist Uladzimir Nyamonyashchyh headed for the authorised ‘non-freeloaders’ march’ in Minsk on the morning of March 15. However, he is in jail now.

He left home at 6.10 a.m., the activist told Radio Liberty. Strangers in plain clothes were waiting for him in the yard. They attacked Nyapomnyashchyh, sprayed tear gas in his face thrice, twisted his arms and confiscated his camera.

He was delivered to Homel Central District Department of the Interior where reports about hooliganism and disobedience to the police were written.

The attack was mere violence and robbery, Nyapomnyashchyh thinks. He is planning t lodge a complaint and demand to start a criminal case in connection with it.