Two activists detained at 'graffiti trial'

На судзе над графіцістамі затрымалі двух чалавек

Pavel Siarhei and Maksim Shytsik on Monday were detained at Minsk's Frunzenski District Court. Radio Svaboda reports the young men tried to unfold a poster with the slogan against political repressions in Belarus when they came to attend the trial of the authors of pro-independence graffiti.

Euroradio reported earlier Maksim Piakarski, Vyachaslau Kasinerau and Vadzim Zharomski stand trial on charges of hooliganizm committed by a group of people and property damage. The criminal case was started in connect with graffiti "Belarus Should Be Belarusian" and "Revolution of consciousness is already in progress..." The young men are also accused of damaging the social bigboard depicting police officers.

The defendants told reporters experts had failed to identify extremist features in their graffiti. They have already compensated for the damage of the bigboard in amount og Br2,200,000 (approx. 100 EUR).