New graffiti art in Viciebsk /

Hleb Kashtanau's graffiti depicts people wearing orange helmets destroying rapper Snoop Dogg's portrait.

Photo: Euroradio

An extract from Eduard Palchys’ Facebook account can be seen on the wall now.

Photo: Euroradio

The inscription “Cleanness is the illusion of order” has appeared on the wall.

Photo: Artsyom Martynovich

Aleh Larychau was released from custody to wait for the trial.


The photo has been published by the Street Art community on Facebook.

Aleh Larychau a day after beating. Photo: Euroradio

Aleh Larychau was severely beaten 3 weeks ago. His art community Signal is usually the first to report social graffiti in Minsk.

Photo: Twitter

They have appeared in the Svislach Quay not far from the Trinity Suburb.

Photo: Euroradio

Graffiti keep appearing in Minsk.

A Russian painter known for his patriotic graffiti in Moscow has drawn it.