Snoop Dogg features in Belarus graffiti again

New graffiti art in Viciebsk /
New graffiti art in Viciebsk /

"Utility workers painting over rapper Snoop Dogg's portrait" is the name of a new graffiti unveiled on a transformer vault wall in Viciebsk. reports that a mural depicting Dogg had previously been painted on the same wall but utility workers came and destroyed it. This time around, artist Hleb Kashtanau decided to eternalize the deeds of utility companies in a new graffiti.

In November, he recorded a video capturing city workers with orange helmets on their heads painting over the Snoop Dogg's graffiti created by the Hood Graff team as far back as in 2013. The video inspired him to create a new mural to highlight the problem in Belarus where high-quality street art is simply painted over in various cities of the country.

У Віцебску з'явілася графіці, на якім камунальшчыкі зафарбоўваюць графіці
That very graffiti with Snoop Dogg /

Snoop Dogg is actually aware of where Belarus is located. He even expressed his love for our country “Snoop loves Belarus” on Instagram once. 

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