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Graffitist’s sentence postponed

Photo: Artsyom Martynovich

Judge Vital Syamyonau did not manage to pronounce the sentence to graffitist Aleh Larychau on June 5. It will be done at 10.30 a.m. on June 6.


The painter has been released until the trial.


The curator of the street art project Signal and his friend Hanna Novik were detained on the night of June 4, Euroradio reported. The young people had a stencil of the symbol of the White Legion and spray paint cans on them.  Larychau and Novik were using bad language, policemen said.

Both of them stood trial in Minsk Kastrychnitski District Court on June 5. Hanna Novik was fined for 230 roubles (10 base amounts).