Tushynskі: I do not remember signing anything like this

The response of the Ministry of Justice to an appeal of a non-governmental association “Civil Belarus” was signed by a person who did not even read it The Belarusian authorities may cancel criminal responsibility for membership in unregistered organizations. An independent association “Civil Belarus” (Czechia) has received such a reply to its appeal sent to the Belarusian Ministry of Justice.  The document was signed by the deputy Minister of Justice Ihar Tushynski.

ERB has phoned Ihar Heraninavich and asked to comment on the reply. This is what the deputy Minister of Justice said:

“My reply? Aren’t you mistaken? I do not remember signing anything concerning this article of the Criminal Code as it is not my sphere of responsibility. I deal with economic issues”.

Then it turned out that he could sign the document but did not remember exactly because a lot of documents went through deputy ministers.

Ihar Tushynski: "All projects go though us. There are many of them. I am responsible for the economy. I could sign it because the deputy responsible for the issues was away”.

A political scientist and lawyer Yury Chavusau says that the situation could resemble the problem of decree #991:

"It could resemble the government’s decree #991 when Sidorski did not even know about it and signed it without reading”.

The Ministry of Justice has informed ERB that the person who prepared the reply is on vacations and it is impossible to contact him now.