Trade unions plan pickets across nation

The trade union of radioelectronics industry of Belarus is preparing to stage what they dscribed as social pickets in all major industrial cities across the country. The action aims to defend social benefits and to continue straggling for the abolition of the contract-based employment system, said trade unions leader Alexander Bukhvostau.

The pickets are planned to take place in 15 cities, with the first one to be launched on July 13 in the city of Zhlobin. The actions will end on August 8 in Sluck.

However, it is still unclear if the local authorities are to authorize union pickets after applications were rejected by the authorities in Homel and Barysau.

“We are applying in accordance with the law, but they are denying permission anyway. That's why there should be a social outcry if they keep denying us to stage social pickets,” Bukhvostau said. 

He hopes that the actions will be backed by representatives of the other pro-democracy organizations and political parties.