Tozik: Belarusians should pay 100% for communal services

Anatol Tozik made the statement during his speech for MPs and members of the Council of the Republic on May 30.

Tozik: “The industry and budget pay Br20 trillion instead of people: the budget pays 9 trillion and the industry – 11. It would be good to use the money to increase wages, pensions and scholarships instead of paying for communal services. It would be good for people, the state and industrial organizations.”

Tozik refuted that the approach contradicted to our country’s social orientation. On the contrary, it corresponds to our social policy very well, the vice PM is sure. “People spend their own money with more thrift,” he explained.

Belarusians will not start paying 100% for communal service tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – it is ‘a complicated process and it cannot be done immediately’. However, it should be done, Anatol Tozik said. But he did not explain whether wages, pensions and scholarships in our country could be increased so much that people would have enough money to pay 100% for communal services.