Titles in .bel domain zone to be in Russian and Belarusian

Domains will be issued in several stages. The first stage - sunrise. Only legal entities and trademark owners will be able to buy domains. The company must prove that it belongs to a particular domain. For example, it needs to present company and trademark registration. Priority will be given to the owners of the trademark. Individual entrepreneurs will not be able to participate in this stage, unless they own a trademark. 

Domains in the first phase will cost $100 with registration for 2 years. This phase will last 3 months. 

"This is due to the fact that the documents will be reviewed manually. A special commission that will be giving away domains will be formed. State agencies will be able to buy a domain for $15," said the hoster.by director Syargei Pavalishau. 

The next step - sale through auctions. The cost of a domain at auction will be $30, which will go to the registrar. The remaining amount will be traditionally given to orphanages. The auctions will sell the most "interesting" domains. 

Syargei Pavalishau: "If the domain is not at the auction, but someone wants to buy it, it will be possible to file an application, the domain will appear at the auction, and it will be possible to purchase it at the minimal price, if no one else is interested." 

This stage will also last 3 months, and then domains will be for sale for $15. The first two phases were designed for protection against cybersquatters who have already written scripts to all registrars. 

Syargei Pavalishau: "There will domains with ў as well. At first, there can be problems with domains having apostrophes, since it simply does not exist on the keyboard, but I'm sure we will solve this problem in time." 

However, it will not yet be possible to register the ў.бел domain, because according to the rules, the minimum length of the domain in the zone is 2 characters. 

Domains could be registered in the Belarusian and Russian languages. Domains мир.бел and мiр.бел will be different websites. 

Such domains as правительство.бел or армия.бел, президент.бел will be reserved for government agencies.