'Terrorist actor' in Hrodna was KGB agent, BYPOL claims

BYPOL claims it's the same person / t.me/bypol/
BYPOL claims it's the same person / t.me/bypol/

"The "terrorist actor" in Hrodna was a current KGB employee, reports BYPOL, an initiative of former Belarusian security forces. His surname is also mentioned - 41-year-old Aliaksei Zakharau, a native of the Vitsebsk region, who serves in the operational and search department of the KGB of the Vitsebsk region (surveillance service).

BYPOL notes that the operational information that "there was no terrorist" was obtained from the participants of the "Peramoha" plan. The aforementioned Zakharau was the main actor in the KGB performance. It is said that "the performance was held on the eve of the March 25 Freedom Day with the aim to scare the Belarusians who continue to struggle against the regime and to raise the prestige of the so-called KGB before the dictator".

Belarusian State TV showed a story about a "Hrodna saboteur" killed on March 19, who allegedly came from abroad and was preparing a terrorist act (he had explosives in his stash, a machine gun and a grenade). According to the ID, he was a Russian citizen Alexei Nikolayevich Lomakin, but the ID is false (BYPOL believes that this is the only truth in the story). First it was reported that he was killed, then that he was wounded and died on the way to the hospital.

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