Tell the Truth holds fifth founding congress

Кампанія "Гавары праўду!" правяла пяты ўстаноўчы з'езд

On February 21, the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" held the fifth founding congress. It was attended by 70 delegates from all regions of the country, Radio Liberty reports.

Now the full name of the organization will be: "Republican Research and Educational Civil Association Tell the Truth". Within a month, the leaders of the organization Tatsyana Karatkevich and Andrei Dzmitryieu have to apply to the Ministry of Justice for registration of the association.

"Tell the truth!" has been trying to get an official registration since 2011, to no avail. Officials of the Ministry of Justice found minor errors in the documents and did not register the organization.

Incidentally, on February 25, the campaign will celebrate its sixth anniversary.