Supreme Court upholds registration denial to a human rights group

The Supreme Court of Belarus today rejected an appeal from the human rights center Vyasna (Spring) which complained about having being denied registration, the center's chairman Ales Byalyatski told the European Radio for Belarus.
The Supreme Court's ruling was based on two things, he said. 

“The name of the organization is the same as the one which was shut down before. Secondly, when we were wiring the fees to the court, we should have written "payment for registration" instead of "registration fees"”.

In the view of Byalyatski, the court has made a politicized deicision. The human rights activist stressed that Vyasna was not going to try to register again.

Ales Byalyatski: “The Supreme Court is the highest legal instrument. We can only complain to the UN Human Rights Council. Regarding another attempt to register, this does not make sense at the moment”.