Student facing expulsion for dancing near university? (video)

Студэнтку пагражаюць адлічыць за танец на ганку ўніверсітэта? (відэа)

Alina Nahornaya from Slutsk uploaded a short video of her dancing on the threshold of Baranavichy State University to social networks on May 25. The 26-second video is decent, the girl and two young men are well-dressed and the dance they are dancing is not twerk. However, the hashtag is #danceFor Reforms.  It was enough to receive a Viber message from… the dean’s office.

"They threatened me on Viber and Vkontakte. I received a message from the dean’s office. I told them that they were violating my constitutional rights. Then they said that they were not going to expel me and simply asked to delete they video,” Alina Nahornaya told Euroradio.

Студэнтку пагражаюць адлічыць за танец на ганку ўніверсітэта? (відэа)

The student uploaded the messages received from teacher of the faculty of pedagogic and philology Iryna Shumskaya to the Internet. She did mention the possibility of expulsion. The only and main demand is to delete the video. Nahornaya is not going to obey because she does not understand why she has to do it:


"I do not understand why. This video does not threaten the national security or something. It is just a dance.”

There is no legal reason for Nahornaya’s expulsion from the university. Her grade point average is 8.2. But the student still has to write her term paper. Iryna Shumskaya refused to talk to Euroradio but noted that they were not going to expel Nahornaya for dancing:


‘Nobody is going to expel her’ was the only thing she said.

Студэнтку пагражаюць адлічыць за танец на ганку ўніверсітэта? (відэа)
Messages from the dean’s office.

The student was very busy and has not finished her term paper. She is planning to contact her teacher as soon as possible:

"I had to send the list of topics I am interested in to my teacher a week in advance. I was too busy. But I will do it today. I do not know how she will react though,” Alina promised.

She should do it – her major will no longer be available at the university next year. If she is expelled, she will not be able to come back and she does not want to start from scratch. That is why she is already writing her term paper. She also keeps communicating with teachers form the dean’s office in social networks – they are insisting on her participation in self-administration.