Spokeswoman for Lukashenka comments on rumors about confederation with Russia

Natallia Eismont / nn.by​
Natallia Eismont / nn.by​

All this talk about a confederation or federation of Belarus with Russia is only journalistic cliche, said Natallia Eismont, spokeswoman for Alyaksandr Lukashenka in her commentary on the information published in the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

According to Euroradio which based its report on the information from the Russian media, the document prepared by Prime Ministers Syarhei Rumas and Dmitry Medvedev provides for a deep economic integration of Belarus with Russia by 2021. As a result, the Russian economy will absorb the Belarusian economy. 

"We would suggest that all the big terms used in this article like confederation, federation, etc. be regarded as idle journalistic cliches. In general, in the integration work, which is currently underway, the parties proceed from the realities that they have, that is, from the achieved level of interaction," Eismont replied.

She stressed that the independence of Belarus is sacred: "The sovereignty and independence of each of the countries are  the red flags. In the integration process, we are taking the steps that are economically feasible. No joint bodies are being created -- the countries are not ready for this". 

Eismont reminded that the prepared document will come into force only after it will be signed by the leaders of Belarus and Russia and adopted at the Supreme State Council. Meanwhile, the work on the integration program continues.