In simple words: What's new about 'freeloaders tax'?

Простыми словами: что изменилось в ситуации с "тунеядцами"

Meeting with the government top officials on March 9 in Minsk, Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced that the notorious Decree No 3 "On precenting social dependency" would not be revoked. But in order not to offend those who undeservedly were put on the list of 'social parasites' and reduce the degree of social tension, tax collection will be suspended for the current year. What does it mean?

Tax inspection offices decline to comment. Just like all of us they are reading the news, getting surprised and feeling excited. Judging by what Lukashenka has said, there are four options:

1. If you have received a notice to pay the tax for 2015 and you have paid it — you will have this money returned to you.
2. If you "did not participate in financing the state's expenses" also in 2016, the paid tax will be taken into account from your payment for 2015. In that case, money will not be returned but you will not have to pay again.
3. If you have received a notice to pay the tax for 2015 and you have ignored it — congratulations! You do not have to pay anything!
4. If the state decides that you remained to be a 'social parasite' also in 2016, everything will start anew: a notice and one month to pay 20 base rates, a fine and a threat of administrative persecution from the end of 2017.

The Decree No 3 caused several protests across the country. In Minsk and Homiel "non-freeloaders' marches" gathered several thousand people
In Brest and Viciebsk up to 1000 people took part the in the protests.