Siaredzich: I told Lukashenka all I wanted

Іосіф Сярэдзіч: Я выказаў Лукашэнку ўсё, што хацеў

On February 13, the editor-in-chief of independent newspaper Narpdnaya Volya Iosif Siaredzich met at the Independence Palace with Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka. They had agreed about a meeting ten days ago during the Big Talk with the President. Yesterday, Siaredzich also had a meeting with the head of Presidential Administration Natallia Kachanava.

In comments for Euroradio Iosif Siaredzich said the meetng with Aliaksandr Lukashenka was held face-to-face without unnecessary formalities. "I expressed everything I wanted. In principle, I heard everything I wanted to hear too," says Narodnaya Volya editor-in-chief.  "In the first place, we noted that the deterioration of the situation in the country should not be allowed so that our country does not get on flames. If it gets on flames, it will be a disaster for all  - the government, society, me and you. That was the key thing: how to weather the dark times for Belarus."

Іосіф Сярэдзіч: Я выказаў Лукашэнку ўсё, што хацеў

Siraedzich also discussed with Lukashenka the work of Belausian independent media. According to the Narodnaya Volya editor-in-chief, the Belarus leader promised that regional media would no longer face economic discrimination in state-run distribution networks.

They also discussed the public servant who received a 3% bank loan to build a house in the Drazdy elite residence neighborhood. Siaredzich revealed the name of the corrupted official and Lukashenka shared what he thought about with this regard. 

Lukashenka also said that Belarus and Russia reached a deal in the talks on the price of natural gas.