Senator Paulousky accused of Br144 billion tax evasion

Сенатара Паўлоўскага абвінавачваюць ва ўхіленні ад выплаты падаткаў на 144 млрд


The Belarusian KGB has disclosed the details of the criminal case that was filed against the senator and prominent businessman Andrei Paulousky. A few days ago he was deprived of the parliamentary immunity status.

Pavlousky was the owner of the Hrodna-based company Biocom whose top management had a criminal case launched against it for large-scale tax evasion - 144 billion rubles. Now the ex-Senator and 6 managers of enterprises are in pre-trial detention. They face up to seven years' imprisonment with confiscation of property.

The grey scheme involved a number of foreign-controlled commercial structures from Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and other countries.

After the arrival of the goods in Belarus, the shipping documents were replaced with fakes that featured the names of the offshore companies, and the price tag on goods grew up to three times.

Similar "gray" schemes were also used by the heads of the closed joint-stock company Konsul, that ceased to exist in October 2015. On October 19 in Brest were detained 13 people.