Sand and rubbish near Kurapaty crosses (photo)

It is quiet near Kurapaty on April 30: there are no machines. But you can see new sand near the constructions site. There wasn’t any in autumn. The roads have been paved and there are new trees near the restaurant complex that had to be called Bulbash-Hall.

A guard said that the works were in process when we came. It is clear, the roads are paved. They may have stooped working because we said that they did not have the right for it,” Hanna Shaputska, organizer of To Save Kurapaty Memorial, to Euroradio.

Part of the fence was missing in autumn – they did not manage to finish it because of the scandal. Now the fence is ready although the construction had to be stopped.

Construction near Kurapaty

I noticed rubbish and heaps of sand right next to the crosses. There are plastic bottles and wooden building structures.

If the construction has been resumed, it is illegal, Head of the historical legacy protection and restoration department of the Ministry of Culture Ihar Charnyauski  said:

"We will be able to say what is going on when we receive the project documents they had to prepare. They have not presented any documents yet. If works have been started there, it is a violation of the law. They must obey the order of the Ministry of Culture.”

The official has promised to deal with the problem according to the order of the Ministry o Culture.

A roadside complex with bathhouses and a restaurant for 400 people are going to be built in Kurapaty. Dozens of thousands people were shot there in the 1930. The Ministry of Culture and the General Prosecutor’s Office ordered to suspend the construction in autumn.

The roads have been paved

Rubbish and sand near crosses

Photo: Euroradio