Restaurant near Kurapaty memorial site opens despite protests

Рэстаран каля Курапатаў адкрылі позна ўвечары

The restaurant in Kurapaty has been opened regardless of protests. The first visitors arrived on Tuesday night, Radio Liberty reports. The inscription “Closed” was removed from the door at about 9 p.m. However, it was put back on Wednesday morning when protesters arrived. Trucks delivering products and young women looking for a job kept entering the territory of the restaurant.  

Opposition politician Pavel Sevyarynets suggested installing tents and keeping round-the-clock watch  there. They also want to attach a tablet with information about the mass execution in Kurapaty in Stalin’s time on the restaurant fence. Tens of thousands of people were killed and buried there. The truth about this crime was made public in the 1980s. A people’s memorial was created in Kurapaty and hundreds of crosses were installed in the forest.

Рэстаран каля Курапатаў адкрылі позна ўвечары