Yakauleuski: The "red line" which Lukashenka spoke about revealed

Raman Yakauleuski thinks that freezing of the diplomatic relations between Belarus and the EU with Poland has started:

"This statement explains what Lukashenka meant when he spoke about some "red line" [in the relations between the EU and Belarus, the one he advised not to cross]. So, this line revealed...

In my opinion, as for the European Union's representation, a diplomatic mission in fact, this is the first incident of the kind in the short yet history of Catherine Ashton's foreign policy service... In fact, this means freezing of the diplomatic relations". 

As for the threats of the Belarusian MFA to use some measures in case of continuation of pressure on our country, Yakauleuski is convinced that it is worth to expect a "psychological war".

Yakauleuski: "Shortening of personnel [of the EU's representation and the Polish Embassy]. This is the same what happened to the American Embassy... I also do not exclude that we may soon become witnesses of new "TV-series" about diplomats. This means the psychological war".