Will Pashkevich get $100 thousand for information about Bakiyev?

120828 Bakieu.mp3

A huge reward for information about Janybek Bakiyev’s whereabouts is promised by the Kurgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs: “100 thousand dollars guaranteed”.

This is the Janybek Bakiyev accidentally photographed by Belarusian Mihail Pashkevich in Karl Marx Street in Minsk.

“He will get the money only if Janybek Bakiyev is caught”, - replied an employee of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs with a smile. – He would have received the reward if he had delivered Janybek Bakiyev up”.

“Only Bakiyev’s family members have contacted me so far. They are sending me napkins with threats. I have already complained to the Office of the Public Prosecutor about the napkins, - said Mihail Pashkevich to Euroradio. – And let’s be honest – it was an accidental photograph”.

The accidental picture has caused an international scandal. The official Kyrgyzstan has demanded to extradite Jabybek Bakiyev and his two companions – Rustan Saiduyev and Tahir Risaliyev who are accused of murders.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs will not comment on the pictures you are talking about”, - said Kanstantsin Shalkevich, head of the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Euroradio.

Janybek Bakiyev was photographed only a hundred meters away from the Main Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that is supposed to be looking for him…