Vyachaslau Dziyanau: I’m planning to ask for political asylum

Another silent action organized by social networks is appointed for September 2 1 in Belarus. Euroradio has discussed it with administrator of “Revolution in Social Networks” Vyachaslau Dziyanau.

Euroradio: Will the format of the action remain unchanged?

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Vyachaslau Dziyanau: “Information about the action will appear in our community soon. The format has already been worked out, however, it is still being worked out and we will be able to present it as soon as it appears in our community”.

Euroradio: Why September 21? Did you take into account the fact that the dollar exchange rate will start floating on September 15? People will feel the increase of the cost of communal services and the fare?

Vyachaslau Dziyanau: “Of course, we did. We were going to organize the action on September 14 first. However, there is little time left until then and the increase of prices will occur on September 15. Some more prices may increase by September 21 and the situation in the country will worsen. That is why we have decided to postpone the action until September 21”.

Euroradio: Did you see Mikola Statkevich’s suggestion to refuse from “silent” actions in favour of another action – speaking Belarusian in public?

Vyachaslau Dziyanau: “It is very difficult to imagine how it will look like. If you imagine people gathering in a venue and speaking Belarusian, you should recall the action when people got detained regardless of their actions – clapping hands or just being silent. Unfortunately, Mikola Statkevich cannot describe his idea of the action for a certain reason”.

Euroradio: Internet users often wonder how Dziyanau manages to get by after the expulsion from Kalinouski programme. What can you say about it?

Vyachaslau Dziyanau: “I had some commercial offers. I consult a few entrepreneurs about the ways of promoting goods in social networks. I simply consult them. It is enough for me to survive. I am planning to ask for political asylum. Unfortunately, I will not be able to use my visa forever and the latest reports on Belarusian TV channels have revealed all the intentions and goals”.